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BARVA MEBEL is an oasis of tranquility in the furious rhythm of modern life. A place where you can be yourself - relaxed and happy. You will find among our range modular, straight and corner sofas, armchairs, double beds and accessories for the house for every taste. Cozy fabrics and elegant leather. Bright and cocky. Stylish and smooth. Beautiful and very beautiful. Ready-made models or created according to your individual order.

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With barva mebel europe is closer than with visa-free access

We are doing everything possible so that Europe is not where you need to show your passport, but in your home. Therefore, we produce sofas, armchairs and beds for people with high demands on quality and a developed sense of beauty. We connect knowledge in design, physics and anatomy, so that each model is perfect. We create reliable and beautiful furniture, which is purchased in Lithuania and Germany, and we sell it at an affordable price.